Encryption-Based Protection 

Network security as S.K.I Investigations ensures the security, storage and maintenance of all client, claimant and other claimant and other claim related information. S.K.I utilizes the Trackops case management system to easily and efficiently manage your case load. Trackops is entirely web-based, giving our clients access to vital case information from anywhere at any time. All files and backups are securely encrypted to ensure the highest level of data integriy.

Real Time Access at Your Fingertips

S.K.I. Investigations uses a web based portal that provides real time case access, which allows for instant viewing of daily investigative updates, completed reports and video via your individual secured login.

  • Submit assignments
  • PDF reports are provided for immediate review
  • Claimant only video is uploaded for immediate viewing via secure link
  • Invoices are provided via PDF for download
  • Management level access can be provided for monitoring staff case listings and status
  • Additional access points can be provided for Defense counsel, SIU, etc.
  • Totally secure web environment, accessible 24/7 through a user ID and password combination


Features of Our System

  • Online access to request cases, upload files, create updates and more
  • Securely share video, photos, and documents at any time. Great for watching surveillance video online!
  • Store important case and billing policies on your profile. These policies will automatically be attached to your cases for our staff to review.
  • There are always situations where you’d rather have a hard copy. Printed reports look great as PDFs or on paper if you must!
  • The Dashboard is a landing page that’s full of informative “widgets” which can assist in organizing your cases and can be easily customized to your liking.

For details related to the Trackops security protocol, please download the document in this link: S.K.I. Network Security Trackops